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N.R. Gordon & Company offers a broad range of value-added, peer-to-peer, financial advisory and strategy consulting services. Representing not only the client, but the client's point of view, N.R. Gordon & Company differentiates itself from other advisors.


  About N.R. Gordon & Company

  Value-added, peer-to-peer, financial advisory and strategic consulting services: 

Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development

“Neil's advice and counsel in the early formation of our company was invaluable. Every startup should have a Neil Gordon at its formation.”  (Robert Sama, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Baderbrau Brewing Company)

Start-ups, small and mid-sized companies have all benefited from Neil's financial wisdom.”  (Larry Blumsack, President of Zoka Institute)

"Neil is a tremendous resource for growing companies that need and want the counsel of a guy who's worked on big deals and big business challenges at large and public companies.  Neil's professorial abilities and approach distill complex finance content into digestible nuggets."  (John Marchioni, Vice President, Venture Development of New Enterprise Factory.)

Bank Financing, Private Placements and Public Offerings

“Neil Gordon is a recognized expert in corporate finance, capital formation and strategic planning for emerging companies.  His contributions to helping emerging companies realize their business goals are well known.”  (Mark McGrath, former Chairman and CEO of Datameg Corporation.)

Mergers and Acquisitions 

As Treasurer of Ekco Group, Inc., Neil Gordon was key member of the management team that built, through acquisition, a $300 million New York Stock Exchange consumer products company.

Purchaser Representative, Trustee and Board of Director Services

“Neil served as the purchaser representative in a sophisticated, mid-market, blended cash and stock-for-stock acquisition. He proved an amazingly fast study – understanding a complex, time-constrained transaction and explaining it to investors (and even lawyers) in plain, understandable English… I highly recommend him.”  (Lance Kawesch, Kawesch Law Group, LLC)


“As a public company director Neil engineered several successful financing transactions, implemented numerous helpful audit and compensation committee innovations and oversaw and provided terrific counsel on all financial aspects of transactions and on corporate governance.”  (Lance Kawesch, Kawesch Law Group, LLC)

Compensation and Benefits

Bonuses, stock options, restricted stock, severance, change of control provisions and the like are best crafted with the help of a financially sophisticated advisor. Neil Gordon is a recognized expert who has served on several public company compensation committees.

Investor and Shareholder Relations

Investors, aka “owners,” can be an assets or curses, depending on how you manage your relationships.

Enterprise Risk Management

The essence of business is risk. Risk cannot be avoided but it can be managed.

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